chong qing

Scotland no more by kyle noble

This past April I left Scotland to join Georgia Rose Murray here in ChongQing, China. Life has been pretty chaotic AND INTERESTING for us recently. Trying to move with the situations presenting themselves has been difficult at times, yet these things have led to flexibility and fluidity which is always the stuff of gold. We had lived in Auchtermuchty, Scotland for a year, experimenting with a calling for a more rural life. It was a good and real life, where having a studio in the house was an excellent move for me, I reconnected to a late night muse in the studio and enjoyed our garden and the quiet life.

I have been working very intensively over the past year,  preparing for 'Paradise Lost', a solo show back in the Taiwanese city we lived in called Tainan. More to come on that soon... very soon...

So life is now in a mega city 30 million, though some say only 12 million in the inner city. Luckily we are near some hills and a lot of vegetation due to university campus'. Things are good - I am preparing for the show and not much else. I plan to return to Scotland in late July and return to the Rahoy Hills Nature Reserve... cant wait for that!

All for now.