Noble’s practice has a strong drawn element mixing automatic drawing, Chinese landscape aesthetics and layers of varnish. Over the last two years Noble has devoted his practice to the description of an imaginary ancient culture called 'The Meiklians', who built the stone circles around his home in Aberdeenshire. Through drawing, painting and writing he describes this fictional territory of mind, calling the collective body of work 'The Meiklian Project'.

His works offer an alternative meditation on the Scottish landscape, influenced by the ancient landscape of Aberdeenshire, a passion for rewilding the Scottish wilderness and the Chinese Landscape Painting traditions he saw whilst living in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

In his paintings Noble experiments with medium and mark making in an effort to describe the strong impressions that his research and experiences have made upon him, endless archaic forests, hallucinatory visions of starlit skies untainted by light pollution, pine studded knolls, recumbent stone circles, supernatural shamanism and views of the distant mountain, Bennachie.

Noble utilises a unique blend of media, experimenting with turbulent layers of varnish, jewel like painted details, ancient Chinese pigments of Malachite, Vermillion and Lapis Lazuli and a high embellishment of intricate drawing. The surfaces upon which he works are measured to the academically rejected dimension, the 'Megalithic Yard’ which was suggested by archeo astronomer Alexander Thom. This refuted measurement has become an integral part of Noble's process, becoming the foundation upon which he projects his vision of a radical prehistory.

The creation of Meiklian relics is integral part of Noble's practice. Working directly with animal bone or skin, he depicts pictographic narratives on to domesticated animals and works more automatically with wild animals. Such relics create the evidence for the Meiklians and suggest a narrative of a hunter gathering community ending their way of life.


Contact: kylenoble@live.co.uk

Solo Exhibitions:

2018  ‘Wild Hanging Woods’, Resipole Studios Fine Art Gallery, Ardnamurchan

2018  ‘Paradise Lost’, 108 Fine Art, Tainan, Taiwan

2017  ‘Forest Magick’, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen

2016  ‘Irvine and Noble’, Victoria Bar, Edinburgh

2015  ‘Before the Stones’, Newave Gallery, Aberdeen

2011  ‘Irvine and Noble’, Cupar Arts Festival, Fife



•        RSA Latimer Award, 2018

•        Shortlisted for the John Ruskin Prize, 2017

•        RSA Highland Society of London Award, 2014

•        RSA William Littlejohn Award, Royal Scottish Academy, 2013

•        Selected for Jerwood Drawing Prize, 2013

•        Shortlisted for Inaugural Student Award, 108 Fine Art, 2013

•        Shortlisted for Chadwell Award, Acme Studios, 2013

•        Edinburgh University Purchase Prizes, 2013

•        Aberdeen Visual Arts Awards Scheme, 2009



•        Aberdeen Asset Management, 2014

•        Royal Scottish Academy, 2014

•        Edinburgh University, 2013



2018  Rahoy Hills Nature Reserve, Ardtornish Estate, Morven

2014  Bothy Project, Inschriach Estate, Aviemore


Art Fairs:

2014   London Art Fair, John Martyn Gallery and 108 Fine Art, London

2014   Art 14, John Martyn Gallery, London


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2017  John Ruskin Prize 2017, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield

2016  RSA The Artist Traveller, Edinburgh

2016  RSA Annual Exhibition, Edinburgh

2016  Irvine and Noble, Victoria Bar, Edinburgh

2015  Outsider Art, Candid Gallery, London

2014   It's just a quick walk into the future, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh

2014   Have we met before, John Martyn Gallery, London

2014   RSA Annual Exhibition, Edinburgh

2014   Art 14, John Martyn Gallery, London

2014   London Art Fair, John Martyn Gallery and 108 Fine Art, London

2013   Jerwood Drawing Prize, London

2013   Summer Show , John Martin Gallery, London

2013   Aberdeen Artists, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen

2013    The Meiklian Culture, MFA Degree Show, Edinburgh

2012    Animal Integrity, Roslyn Institute, East Lothian

2012    Doctrine of Signatures, Polar Cap, Dunbar

2011    Irvine and Noble, Cupar Arts Festival, Fife

2011     North East Open Studios, Syllavethy Gallery, Aberdeenshire

2011    Imagination, Tin Pan Alley, Tainan, Taiwan

2010     Fire and Ice, PVAF and Scottish Crannog Centre, Loch Tay

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